Thank you to everyone for attending our past webinars.

We currently do not have anymore webinars planned, but almost all of our past webinars have been recorded. Scroll down to view them all!

Past Webinars

January 27th Webinar: Trauma Informed Approach to Research

This webinar features Dr. Caroline Piotrowski

November 25th Webinar: The ATTACH™ Intervention: An Introduction and Perspectives from ATTACH™ Parents

This webinar features: Dr. Nicole Letourneau

October 28th Webinar: The State of the Art and Science of Research Coproduction

This webinar features: Dr. Ian Graham

May 27th Webinar: Community Agency Presentations

This webinar features three community agencies: Family Services SK, Marymound, and Regina Transition House.

April 29th Webinar: Qualitative Methods and Normalization Process Theory

This webinar features Dr. Kendra Nixon, Dr. Nicole Letourneau & Dr. Lubna Anis.

March 25th Webinar: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Mitigating the Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Reduce Early Childhood Trauma

This webinar features: Dr. Lubna Anis

Jan 29th Webinar: Strengthening Resilience in Times of Adversity. A Tool for Clinical Practice (Testing a Working Model)

This webinar featured: Dr. Nancy Mannix

Unfortunately, the recording of this webinar is not currently available.

Nov 26th Webinar: The Attachment and Child Health (ATTACH™)

Parenting Program: Promising Findings and Future Plans

This webinar features: Dr. Nicole Letourneau

Oct 29th Webinar: Integrated Knowledge Translation: Using a Practical Approach to Identify and Engage Knowledge Users

This webinar features: Laura McAlpine and Dr. Gabrielle Zimmerman

July 30th Webinar: Principles of Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession (OCAP) for work with Indigenous peoples

This webinar features a summary of the OCAP training presented by Dr. Kharah Ross

June 25th Webinar: Policy within the Community Health Context: The COVID-19 Example

This webinar features: Carrie Collier

April 30th Webinar: Measuring the Immune System: Blood sample collection strategies and gene expression and epigenetic markers

This webinar features: Drs. Katie Birnie, Sarah Merrill, and Kharah Ross

March 26th Webinar: Development and health: Toxic stress, parent-child relationships and attachment

This webinar features: Dr. Nicole Letourneau

February 26th Webinar: Patient Engagement

This webinar features Dr. Paul Fairie.

January 29th Webinar: Overview of Implementation Science and Innovative Clinical Trials

This webinar features Dr. Ian Graham. Read more about Dr. Ian Graham and his research here.

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