Partners with Research

Center on the Developing Child Harvard University

The ATTACH™ program is part of a portfolio of projects within Frontiers of Innovation, the Center on the Developing Child's R&D Platform. This portfolio is designed to accelerate the development and adoption of science based innovations that achieve breakthrough impact at scale for children and families facing adversity.

Find out more details here: Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Our engagement with the Harvard Center has offered extensive assistance. Including guiding the co-creation of ATTACH™ with our community partners (especially CUPS and as proposed in Phase III), access to an extensive library of well validated tools, mentorship in taking community intervention programs for children to scale, and the opportunity to learn from and share the results with the international community. 

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Clients and Customers

Alcove helps break the cycle of mental health distress, addictions and abuse in women's lives. We have trained their staff on the ATTACH™ program, providing them another way they can support and help women in leading healthy lives with their children.

Find out more details here: Alcove: Addiction Recovery for Women

Through integrated healthcare, education and housing, CUPS and its partners assist adults and families in Calgary living with the adversity of poverty and traumatic events to become self-sufficient.

Find out more details here: CUPS Calgary

Discovery House is a social profit organization providing a continuum of care to women and their children fleeing domestic violence.

Discovery House facilitates transitional housing, offering longer-term, safe places for women and children to call home while they begin rebuilding their lives. They provide mothers access to counselling, support and programs to ensure they never return to abusive partners. They work directly with children, to mitigate the effects of trauma and prevent the cycle from repeating.

Find out more details here: Discovery House

Sonshine Services are committed to providing quality family day homes as a viable option for families seeking quality childcare, empowering families and individuals to move from unsafe, harmful ways of interacting to healthy, respectful, safe relationships, encouraging individuals, couples and families to become positive contributors in their communities.

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