Research shows ATTACH™ is effective:

ATTACH™ strengthens parents' capabilities

ATTACH™ improves children's mental health


What does ATTACH™ do?

The ATTACH™ program helps parents raise more capable, successful children that we expect will pay dividends to society for generations to come.


Our Mission

We seek to:

Educate parents to reflect on their own and child's perspective.

Strengthen parents' capabilities.

Improve and help children's mental health and development.

Reduce the number of at-risk families.

Help society raise the next generation of healthier children.

How we help parents differently

Thinking and talking about thoughts and feelings.

Increasing the ability to mentalize more in everyday life.

Keep an open mind and questioning things more.

Improved ability to tolerate negative feelings and thoughts.

Calmness under pressure.


Our goal

Teach parents to have their child's mind in mind.

Teach parents to think about their own thoughts and feelings as they take care of their children.

Mentalizing helps parents to meet their children's needs.


What makes us different?

ATTACH™ is different from other parenting programs in that it teaches parents a skill—reflective function.

Parents who have this skill promote secure attachment with their infants.

ATTACH™ facilitators are trained to help parents to reflect on their own and others’ (especially their children’s) thoughts, feelings and mental states.

Data have shown to improve parenting quality and child development without having to teach parents anything about parenting or child development or child milestones.


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